Monday, January 30, 2012

French Bread

So, I've been trying lots of new recipes lately... here's another of my favorites. (btw... I am a HUGE fan of allrecipes.) I am not really a fan of making dough... the mixing, the kneading, the waiting... just not really my thing. I am so impatient! I love the bread maker because I can just stick everything in there and walk away. Anyway, I have made this recipe with white flour and it was yummy... and I've made it substituting 1 cup of flour with whole wheat flour and it was yummy!

P.S. speaking of the bread machine... lol! I have this problem of forgetting to put the paddle in before starting the cycle. I have come in countless times to get started on my pizza only to find it still completely un-mixed. You'd think I'd learn after once... but nope... not me! Soooo... make sure you stick you paddle in the pan before loading your ingredients!
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Donovan Doins said...

awesome bread! Love your updates and love you.